ALL Cuba Fellowship programs after August 15th are temporarily on hold, pending release by the United States government of new foreign policy regulations following a speech by the U.S. President, Vice President, Senator from Florida, and Governor of Florida.  (President Trump's remarks begin 30 minutes into the video.)

You may still fill out an application and be put on the waitlist for if/when we continue study abroad programs again in the future. 


Study Abroad in Cuba. It's finally open again.

Sign up for 1, 2, or 3 weeks this summer.


Cuba Fellows learn about the island from every angle with classes in special-interest topics, connect to thought leaders with seminars and site visits, and have fun exploring historic Havana, Cuban beaches, and the rest of the beautiful island with daily free time.


See The Cuba Fellowship in action:

 Cuba Fellowship Director Joshua at Havana Harbor

Cuba Fellowship Director Joshua at Havana Harbor

Find out how you can become a Cuba Fellow too, exploring the hidden gem of a beautiful and historic island that has been closed for generations.

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 Photo Credit: Cuba Fellow Brooks (Winter ' 17)

Photo Credit: Cuba Fellow Brooks (Winter ' 17)

Based on the way American foreign relations are headed, Cuba may be closing again soon ...  You should come to Havana and study abroad while you still can. 

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Student Spotlight

Incoming Cuba Fellow (Summer 2017)


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Field of Study: Political Science

On why she wants to be a Cuba Fellow: "I have traveled to Germany, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Italy, France, and Peru. I absolutely love to travel to new places and am always ready for adventure. This fellowship is especially interesting to me because of the relations the US has had with Cuba in the past. I took a class about Cuba and have been mesmerized by the culture ever since. I look forward to connecting with locals and making new friends within the fellowship. This would complete my college experience and would enrich my life. I truly believe travel is the best way to grow and learn in your 20s."


For more student spotlights, MEET our incoming Cuba Fellows.

This is the way to see Cuba at its best ... It’s not only the high artistic standards. There is a radiating joy in performance that glows out of each artist, a blaze from something deep in the Cuban soul.
— David Brooks, New York Times


Two of our students wrote blogposts about their experience in The Cuba Fellowship and how they recommend preparing for this summer:



Read Chris' hour-by-hour description of his 1-week cohort in Havana with embedded Instagram pictures

Read Thomas' article on 25 Tips for Americans Traveling to Cuba -- a helpful intro for students studying abroad