Study Abroad Questions | The Cuba Fellowship



  1. AGE. How old do I have to be? 18+
  2. IN SCHOOL. Do I have to currently be a student? Yes, we are open to college, university, and graduate students, but you are also eligible if you have completed a degree within the past 12 months.
  3. FLUENCY.  Do I have to know Spanish already?  No. We welcome students of all Spanish proficiency levels.  We recommend tools like Duolingo to prepare and provide crash courses in Spanish during the first two days of each cohort, but there will be plenty of opportunity for language immersion in conversations with students, teachers, and locals throughout The Cuba Fellowship.
  4. APPLICATION PROCESS. (1) Tell us you're interested, (2) Submit the application, (3) Schedule an interview.


  1. TUITION. How much does your study abroad program cost?  $1,799 for 1-week trips; $2,899 for 2-week trips; $3,499 for 3-week trips.
  2. COVERAGE. What expenses does the Fellowship Fee cover?  Housing, meals, classes, group excursions, group activity transportation, travel insurance, visa, orientation package, and pre-trip staff support. Not flights. Complete details here.
  3. DEPOSIT. How do I reserve my spot before the cohort fills up?  The non-refundable deposit payment of $900 secures your spot in a specific cohort.
  4. HOW TO PAY.  Where do I send the money? If you are admitted as a Cuba Fellow, our admissions coordinator will send you instructions on how to make the deposit, set up a payment plan, and complete full program payment 30 days before your start date.
  5. HOW TO FUNDRAISE. I need help raising money!  Awesome, we're here to help.  Once you've submitted your initial deposit, our D.C. team will send you resources like GoFundMe and email templates for asking family and friends to help contribute.


  1. WEBSITE. One of the pages won't load, how do I find the information?  Give us a call. We'll walk you through any questions over the phone. 
  2. APPLICATION. The application won't load or let me click submit, what do I do?  Give us a call. We'll walk you through what to do, help you submit the information via screenshot, or let you tell us your application details over the phone. 
  3. CALENDAR. I tried to use the Calendly link to schedule an interview, but I can't find any times available, what do I do?  We get very busy during admissions season with lots of student interviews.  If you can't find any times that work with your schedule, give us a call. We'll either assist you in setting that up or let you complete an expedited interview over the phone. 
  4. EMAIL. I thought I would receive an email after submitting my information on the website, after applying, or after interviewing; why haven't I received anything?  First, check your spam folder.  Communicating with so many students at a time can cause difficulty for an email server.  If you're still not able to find an email from our staff at an address with, then give us a call. We'll walk you through next steps in the process over the phone. 


  1. SUMMER DATES. When can I come to Cuba? There are multiple cohorts of 3-week programs going to Cuba this summer, as well as shorter 2-week and 1-week options overlapping with the previous ones if you can't come for the whole time.  
  2. OTHER DATES. What if I'm not free this summer?  We also run 1- to 2-week study abroad programs over Winter Break (December - January) and Spring Break (March) each year. These programs will accept students while there are still spots available.
  3. AVERAGE DAY. What will my average day look like as a Cuba Fellow? Breakfast, a three-hour class, historic site visit, Lunch, then free time to explore Havana all afternoon and evening. (Weekends are free time too!)
  4. DEADLINE. When is my application deadline & deposit deadline? We encourage all students to reserve a spot in their preferred cohort by submitting a deposit 90 days before the program. Each group is first-come, first-served. So we cannot guarantee that any program will still be available by the time you are ready to confirm. Reserve your spot now by clicking here.


  1. VISA. Do I need to buy a visa beforehand?  No. Visas to Cuba are purchased at the airport for $50-100 when you are picking up your plane ticket.
  2. PASSPORT. Do I need to get a passport? Yes. You will need a passport that is less than 90 days from expiring when you enter the country for The Cuba Fellowship. 
  3. PLANE. What departure/arrival times should I purchase my plane tickets for?  Every Cuba Fellowship begins on a Sunday afternoon with an orientation and ends with a Saturday morning goodbye ceremony.  So travel should always be organized to arrive in Havana Airport by 12 PM on the beginning Sunday and to depart after 12 PM on the ending Saturday.


  1. COLLEGE CREDIT. How do I get college credit?  Once you've submitted your initial deposit, our D.C. team will send your university the standard form and coordinate the follow-up process for establishing the number of credit hours you will receive from your home institution.
  2. PRE-READINGS. How much homework will there be? Do I need to buy textbooks?  There is only homework before you arrive on the island in the form of pre-readings: articles, chapter selections, and videos. We also recommend practicing Spanish for at least 20 minutes a day with an app like Duolingo before beginning The Cuba Fellowship.  No, you don't need to purchase any books.
  3. GROUP CLASSES. 1-week programs consist of seminar-style discussion topics every morning on: government & diplomacy, literature, economics, Spanish language immersion, and national history.  
  4. ELECTIVE CLASSES.  3-week programs will include an additional 2 weeks of class with smaller groups, specialized teaching, and more targeted discussion.  Options include, based on availability: Government & Economics, Cuban History & Literature, and Spanish Language Immersion (beginner or advanced).


  1. HOUSING. What will my room be like? Expect apartment-style living where you share a room with 1 or 2 other students. Student housing is located in a safe neighborhood near downtown Havana with multiple transportation options: taxi, bus, ferry.
  2. INSURANCE. Do I need to buy new insurance? No. As long as you currently have a basic health insurance plan or are covered under your parents, our program enrolls all Cuba Fellows in the additional required HTH Worldwide Health Insurance, the leading provider of study abroad insurance for American students.
  3. HEALTH. How will I stay in shape? We provide healthy meal options to students before and after class each morning, as well as options for multiple forms of exercise: running trails, yoga, and walking excursions. 
  4. HEAT. How hot does it get in Cuba?  The average temperature in Havana during summer months is 81°F.  The peak on some days will be 90-100 °F, especially on the beaches, so Cuba Fellows should prepare accordingly with sunscreen.