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Fast & Furious 8 (Fate of the Furious) is the "First Major Studio Film to Shoot in Cuba Since Embargo"

Currently in theaters and having just passed $1 Billion at the Global Box office, the movie opens with a car-race down the same historic parts of Havana where our Cuba Fellows will be living during their study abroad program. Watch them on the Malecon here:


Available on NETFLIX


Papa: Hemingway in Cuba

Biographical Drama. 1.5 hours. 41 reviews @ 4.5 stars, rated R. 

 The Cuba Libre Story

Documentary Series. 8 episodes, 7 hours. 29 reviews @ 5 stars.



Biographical Drama. 4.5 hours. 322 reviews @ 4 stars, rated R. 

Cuban Fury

Romantic Comedy. 1.5 hours. 69 reviews @ 4 stars, rated R.


Cuba: The Forgotten Revolution

Documentary. 1.5 hours. 29 reviews @ 5 stars.


Obviously, none of these are required for participation in The Cuba Fellowship.  And they're certainly not formal parts of the curriculum. But if you just can't contain your excitement to come to Havana, check out these Cuban-themed films we've compiled into a list! 

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