Here's Orientation Part 5!  


Great job getting the discussion going on the topic of Food.  Obviously that will be a part of your daily experience in Cuba, so we hope you're *digesting* the lessons from those previous articles and videos.  Here's another thing you'll use every day: MONEY

Read these documents & Watch this video to prepare for our day of discussion on MONEY in Cuba.

LOG INTO THE facebook group and post answers to these questions:

1. How many different $$ CURRENCIES have you used in your life, in total?

2. Where would you guess Cuba ranks among the world's countries for POVERTY, as a percentile?

3. If you got to DESIGN a country from the bottom-up, which macroeconomic model would you choose?


If you didn't read the links above ...

Seriously, we'll be discussing these in your first week. Check 'em out: