Thank you for reserving your spot in The Cuba Fellowship!


We're excited to welcome you to Havana this summer, and we know you're already excited to meet the other students and explore the island.  As you get ready for the summer, proceed through the Orientation Resources below, step-by-step through the next several pages.  On each page, you will find:

  • a Cuba Fellowship pre-reading (or pre-viewing: we'll send you videos, not just articles)

  • a specific logistics action item to prepare you for departure to Havana this summer

  • a recommended resource, like in this case, for Spanish language learning


Here are your first 3 Orientation Resources:




All flights INTO Havana airport at start of your program should be scheduled to arrive by Sunday at 12 PM for afternoon orientation.

All flights DEPARTING Havana airport at the end of your program should leave after Saturday at 12 PM for morning wrap-up.


Did you finish reading that first article? Awesome.

Here is our 1st cohort of Cuba Fellows visiting that Marti monument:

Cuba group Marti statue.jpg



Many nations have attempted the transition from revolutionary socialism toward some form of democratic capitalism; Cuba just happens to be the final one.
— David Brooks, New York Times


* Your fellowship fee does not cover additional expenses for paid versions of these products.

You are not required to purchase any textbooks nor language-learning resources for the program.