All parents have questions before their child studies abroad.

We're here to answer them, both with the information below and over the phone.  Feel free to give us a call at 202-360-6036 or to ask our Admissions Team questions at

Cuba is a very safe place in many ways. Crime is nearly unheard of ... The people are so friendly and helpful a traveler can count on being offered assistance in most places ... Cuba is well policed, with road safety enforced as well or better than many of the home countries of visitors.
— Trip Advisor, Health & Safety section


Our program gives your daughter or son the opportunity to explore a country that was not open to previous generations.  Cuba has been closed off to Americans for over 50 years, and we're excited to offer a world-class experience for exploring the island from the hub of Havana now that it's open again.  In addition to the valuable academic experience of studying cross-cultural literature, history, and economics, The Cuba Fellowship also has personal benefits: improving Spanish language skills, developing friendships, increasing self-confidence, and expanding world-views through exposure to new places and people.

 Shelby (Cuba Fellow Winter '17) staying cool

Shelby (Cuba Fellow Winter '17) staying cool


While your student is abroad with us, we want them to stay HEALTHY.

Traveling to a new country for the first time is exciting, but it should also be treated with extra precautions. New foods, new environments, and new methods of traveling can lead to occasional sickness, so we offer two resources to ALL students before departure: What To Do If You Get Sick While Traveling & the CDC Travelers' Health Recommendations.  We also make sure to enroll all of our students in HTH Worldwide Health Insurance.

 Chris (Cuba Fellow Winter '17)enjoying Havana

Chris (Cuba Fellow Winter '17)enjoying Havana


Your student is studying abroad both for the adventure and to add unbeatable VALUE to their college experience. To help prepare students for life after college, we offer more than just tests and quizzes, but challenging scenarios of real-life interaction with foreign citizens that requires thinking on your feet. 

Learning firsthand about a hidden gem like Cuba, which Americans have not had the privilege of visiting for 50 years, provides the chance to tell a compelling story to future employers and admissions committees. 

 Safe university environment in Havana

Safe university environment in Havana


Traveling abroad always presents hazards and risks, but we do our best to plan events with your student's SAFETY in mind.  Students have free time every day in the program, so we cannot guarantee security -- but you can remind your student to follow our program handbook recommendations.

Every staff member of The Cuba Fellowship does our part to make sure your student has everything they need: WiFi access, emergency contact information, alerts from the U.S. State Department, and the Smart Traveler’s Enrollment Program (STEP).

Our findings suggest that students undergo change in their views and perceptions as a consequence of participating in even a 2-week-long study abroad experience, and that these programs can have an important impact on international learning.
— Journal of Global Initiatives: Policy, Pedagogy, Perspective (Volume 1, Number 2, Article 5)