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See The Cuba Fellowship in action:

This is the way to see Cuba at its best ... It’s not only the high artistic standards. There is a radiating joy in performance that glows out of each artist, a blaze from something deep in the Cuban soul.
— David Brooks, New York Times

Okay, okay ... but what does the program actually cover?


almost everything!  THE FELLOWSHIP FEE INCLUDEs:


  • Housing accommodation with other students
  • Group meals Breakfast + Lunch, before + after class
  • Travel health insurance via HTH Worldwide
  • WiFi access (speed varies by location)
  • Classroom Instruction coordinated by T.C.F. staff
  • Professional staff support at host site
  • 1 group excursion per week with transportation
  • Dedicated pre-trip support from D.C. team
  • Orientation with Arrival Package & T-SHIRT!


Basically all you cover is dinner and the Flight [+ souvenirs]  

(Estimate from previous students: $4/meal, < $400 round-trip)

bonus: you're already saving more than this with the sweet deal! 

Student Spotlight

Incoming Cuba Fellows, A.K.A. your classmates (Summer 2017)

Jansen P headshot.jpg



Senior.  Field of Study: Political Science

On why she wants to be a Cuba Fellow: "I have traveled to Germany, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Italy, France, and Peru. I absolutely love to travel to new places and am always ready for adventure. This fellowship is especially interesting to me because of the relations the US has had with Cuba in the past. I took a class about Cuba and have been mesmerized by the culture ever since. I look forward to connecting with locals and making new friends within the fellowship. This would complete my college experience and would enrich my life. I truly believe travel is the best way to grow and learn in your 20s."


Jansen P headshot.jpg


Freshman. Field of Study: Agricultural Economics, Spanish

"From the cultural immersion, rich history, new friends, foreign food, intriguing classes, and Cuban people, I am intrigued with what this country has to offer... The experiences I would acquire align with my professional goals. Economics and government has always been of interest to me... A once in a lifetime opportunity like this could bring incredible growth and understanding to my college experience and beyond. Being a Cuba Fellow would mean so much more to me than just the classes and friends."

Kaila H headshot.jpg



Junior. Field of Study: Marketing Management

"My first study abroad experience in Italy had a significant impact on my life educationally and personally. I believe The Cuba Fellowship will continue to expand my personal views and build my confidence by putting me out of my comfort zone. The Cuba Fellowship program will give me a chance to enrich my life with new knowledge. As a marketing major, I am looking to obtain opportunities that will help me develop a unique perspective on many different aspects of the world like business, entertainment, and culture.  I plan to use my education to become a part of the business field."

Dillon D headshot.jpeg



Sophomore. Field of Study: Mechanical Engineering, Economics

"The Cuban culture in my family is very strong, with my late grandfather being from Havana and my grandmother from Ciego de Avila. Both of my grandparents fled as children during the "Pedro Pan" flights in the 1960s, and my grandmother always recalls stories where her family would help Castro's rebels, and they would enter her house with full military outfit and guns. Ciego de Avila was near the mountains where Castro's guerrilla operation was located, and the rich and vivid history behind her stories interests me greatly. I want to experience Cuba and visit my grandfather / grandmother's old houses and see what it is like to live in Cuba firsthand."