Cuba Fellow Reviews (Winter 2017)

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Brooks headshot 1.jpg

Brooks, Princeton university 

"I go to school with a lot of rich people that can and have traveled anywhere they want in the world. However, until recently, it was impossible to visit Cuba--and even now, the ability to go is restricted to excuses to enter the country such as studying abroad. I got a kick out of the fact that my travels made them jealous. But Cuba is much more than just a bragging right, and The Cuba Fellowship is far more than just an excuse to enter Cuba. The Cuba Fellowship provides you with the guides, support, and pairs you with the right students through their cohorts to maximize your learning and experience while in Cuba."

Shelby headshot 1.jpg

shelby, university of oklahoma

"I was blown away by how safe, nice, and inexpensive traveling in Cuba was: even the slum-streets of Havana are cleaner than NYC. I was also blown away by how much traveling with such an amazing group of people, specifically the cohort I was on for The Cuba Fellowship, makes a difference in the study abroad experience. They really screen who they allow to come on the trip to ensure the optimal learning environment and adventure for the whole group. It really makes a huge difference in traveling with amazing people that can amplify the amount of Cuba you experience together."

Thomas B headshot.jpg

Thomas, university of virginia

"My favorite part of The Cuba Fellowship was encountering the Cuban people.  We found them to be incredibly gracious, sharing their customs, engaging with us, totally warm and welcoming to Americans. People would come up to us in the streets just to ask where we were from and seemed to really celebrate the fact that there are yet again Americans in Cuba.  It was such a hospitable environment here in Havana to study and learn about the Cuban culture."

*Read Thomas' article on 25 Tips for Americans Traveling to Cuba -- a helpful intro for students studying abroad

Christian S headshot.jpg

christian, princeton university

“The Cuba Fellowship was an extraordinary experience. I really got to experience Cuba, and not just the fancy tourist areas. We stayed in a colorful neighborhood just outside of the main tourist areas, so I got a chance to practice my very basic Spanish with locals: ordering food, negotiating cab rides, exchanging money, etc. It was a pleasant surprise discovering that I could actually get pretty far with the couple years of Spanish that I had.”

Chris C headshot.jpg

chris, georgetown university

"The Cuba Fellowship has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a country in the middle of total social and economic change and to see it before anything really changes, to see how Cuba has been for the last 50 years. The most surprising part of The Cuba Fellowship was the quality of the other Fellows.  Getting to spend time with them in another culture and navigating through negotiating with people and experiencing everything Cuba has to offer was incredible." 

* Read Chris' hour-by-hour description of his 1-week cohort in Havana with embedded Instagram pictures.


Miklos S headshot.jpg

miklos, princeton university

"I never thought in a million years that I would make it to Cuba.  Cuba was just this black, blank space on my mental map of the world, but delving into this time capsule of a country really brought home for me the historic reality of the Cold War and the fact that ideas and philosophies have genuine material consequences. My favorite part of The Cuba Fellowship was the opportunity to live and learn with such a phenomenal grouping of students!"

Men are like the stars; some generate their own light while others reflect the brilliance they receive.
— Jose Marti, Cuban poet




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