Here's Orientation Part 3!  


In Orientation Parts 1 & 2, you:

  • checked that your passport was valid

  • downloaded verification of your acceptance to the Cuba Fellowship, and

  • booked travel to Havana Airport in time for your program's start date


YOU'RE ALMOST ready for an Awesome Adventure!



One Professional ...

... and one for Fun!


  • Post the 2nd one, a fun Cuba-themed pic, on our Facebook page, Instagram feed, and a GoFundMe profile if you're starting to raise money from family and friends for your study abroad trip.  Be sure to click "Like" on both of the social media profiles so that you can receive social updates from them as the trip gets closer and share more pictures on the page during your trip!
  • Last form to fill out before takeoff: gather all your information in one place (flight #, insurance #, passport #, etc.) and enter it into this form: