Here's Orientation Part 2!  


In Orientation Part 1, you:

  • read the first assigned article, about celebrated Cuban poet Jose Marti

  • looked up and booked flights for your program's start date

  • started to brush up on your Spanish with Duolingo


Here are your next 3 Orientation Resources:

Continue spending 20 minutes per day practicing your Spanish with Duolingo (not to mention friends and family) and look at the experience of past Cuba Fellows if you have questions.  Speaking of which, two of them wrote articles after their fellowship and wanted to share the helpful details from their experience with you:


Read Chris' hour-by-hour description of his 1-week cohort in Havana with embedded Instagram pictures

Read Thomas' article on 25 Tips for Americans Traveling to Cuba -- a helpful intro for students studying abroad

Now, I know you have questions about the actual travel logistics for Cuba.  Especially after everything you've heard about travel restrictions and travel bans from both American and Cuban governments over the last few years.  Thankfully, it's currently VERY straightforward for current U.S. citizens.  

All you need are these 3 things:

  • valid U.S. Passport, greater than 90 days from expiration

  • documentation of your acceptance into The Cuba Fellowship

  • a round-trip plane ticket to and from Havana Airport

And guess what?  After this step 2 of orientation, you've already completed all of those!